Naomi Wachira is an artist of formidable talent and heart.  Her music & songwriting brings together harmonies that speak across continents and cultures. ”

— Northwest Music Scene 



“I am an African girl, well I know where I’m coming from, and I know who I want to be...”  is the defiant soul-anthem that jumpstarted Afro-Folk singer/songwriter Naomi Wachira onto a whole new path and calling. The words, from the title track of her first EP African Girl (2012), paved the way for this Kenyan-American artist, who is determined to make a contribution in the world by offering music that is poignant, hopeful, and life-giving.   Five years later, after a critically acclaimed self-titled album Naomi Wachira (2014) and an acoustic EP, I am Because You Are (2015),  Song of Lament (2017),  “was born out the many tragic losses we’ve witnessed globally - ranging from cases of police brutality to the refugee crisis - that made me grieve about who we’ve become but also burned a desire in me to create art that would serve society at large and hopefully lessen the chaos around us.” 


Song after song, she has beckoned and invited us to live from a place of self-love, empowered, and authentic selves.  The former Seattle-based Afro-Folk singer/songwriter is now in her homeland, Kenya, where she shares her new 3 song EP Save Everything (2021).  As a reflection of the events from 2020, she offers these songs as a soundtrack for the lingering effects of a year that turned the world upside down.


With music that is both uplifting and somber, there is no doubt Wachira is determined to create a niche in the world and perhaps inch us closer to one another as we remember our shared humanity. Like the two predecessors she has long admired, Tracy Chapman and Miriam Makeba, she hopes that she can contribute to making the world a better place.  

Live at Jazz Alley, Seattle WA (2018)

Live at Jazz Alley, Seattle WA (2018)