African Girl EP

Naomi Wachira

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Naomi grew up in a musical family in a small town called Kijabe, which is located on the Great Rift Valley in Kenya. She started singing with her parents at age 5 and hasn’t stopped since. Discovering that she could write music at the age of 15, was both a terrifying and freeing experience as it gave her a platform to express her otherwise introverted self. Through age and a myriad of life experiences, she has developed a style of writing that is simple and to the point. Offering her take on issues affecting society, she blends her African native rhythm with American folk and soul. Hoping to follow in the footsteps of great African legends such as Miriam Makeba and Angelique Kidjo, Naomi has set her goals to change the world view on Africa one song at a time. Whether writing about her trouble laden continent, domestic violence or love, she believes her mission is to write music that provokes humanity to being mindful of each other. On her desire as an artist she says, “my greatest fulfillment will be that what I write and sing about can translate to anyone no matter where they’re from, what they believe, education or socio-economic status”. Naomi currently resides in Seattle and is working on an EP that is scheduled for a September 2012 release.

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